Guide of the Camino de Santiago Mozarabic from Málaga 

Guide of the Camino de Santiago Mozarabic from Malaga, going through Cordoba to Merida, more than 800 km journey through Andalusia to Extremadura, to empty into the Vía de la Plata that comes from Seville.
In this book we give priority to the personal needs of the pilgrim, which are the physical and psychological preparation, and already on the Path rest and provisioning, that is, hostels, hostels or hotels, and restaurants or shops.
As a member of the Jacobean Association of Malaga, I learned how hard the Camino can be in Andalusia for pilgrims. Now I am not in the association but I will be back soon.
Therefore, this basic guide contains a list of hotels, hostels, accommodation, restaurants and other businesses when there are and there are no shelters, because many pilgrims think that the Camino Mozarabic is like the Camino de Santiago Francés and it is not like that, and in Many towns on the route may not have hostels. And when fatigue makes a dent, what the body wants is to rest, eat and sleep. The Camino de Santiago Mozárabe has nothing to do with the Camino de Santiago Francés, nor are there the same services, nor are they similar.
Good Way, Pilgrim!         
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